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Eric Thomson is the owner, not an agent and not using a listing agent. 

  At this time, this property is not listed on the MLS and we are not offering a buyers agent fee. 

 Upon accepting a purchase agreement, the earnest check can be made out to Burnet Title.  You can always engage a lawyer if you like, at your own expense. 

Accepted contingent offer

Covid-19 Mandatory Preparedness Plan

We are taking the following precautions to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. 
  • Control access to home, to limit to small groups of just family and possibly an agent (4 people over 16 years old).

  • Have visitors respond to screening survey questions upon arrival and check-in, verify they have read the screening survey and can respond “no” to all questions.

  • Decline to provide access to the property if there is any suspicion that they are sick or symptomatic, and advise them to leave the property. 

  • Prohibiting visitors’ use of the home’s bathroom or other facilities.

  • Ensure as much ventilation as possible. Open windows or run a bathroom fan.

  • Disinfect surfaces, especially frequently- touched surfaces. This is done before the first showing of the day. Please leave lights on and doors open. 

  • Provide disposable gloves to one person, designated to touch anything that needs to be opened.

  • Require everyone is wearing a mask.

  • Provide hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol.

The  Showing & Open House Considerations to include the Governor’s latest mask mandate order.


Have you had any of the following symptoms recently, that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
Fever or feeling feverish?
A new cough?
Shortness of breath?
A new sore throat?
New muscle aches?
New headache?
New loss of smell or taste?
If anyone in your group answered any of these with yes,
they should not attend the appointment. Of course you can reschedule. You can also call and ask Eric to do a virtual walk-through using Zoom or Facetime.

Schedule an In-Person Walk-through

Part of our covid plan is to limit the number of in person visitors. This website is your virtual walk-through. So only those that are really serious should book an in person walk-through.  
For security and to support the contact tracing part of the covid plan, we require some form of ID. If you use a mobile device, it will allow you to just take a photo of your license. Otherwise, you need to scan or take a photo and save it to your system, from where you can upload it. 


ID - just take a photo of your drivers license. We will use the photo to identify you when you show up. If contact tracing were necessary, we would share the information with the government. 
Prequalified - These days serious buyers get prequalified for more than they plan to spend. This lender's letter gives you higher priority.
Schedule - Pick an available day and time. You will be prompted to enter basic contact information. 


4611 Casco Ave.
Edina, MN 55424


Weekends Only
Show Hours: 10AM - 5PM
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